Tech Know Quilters EQ8 Membership Studio Training - Start from the Beginning Option

Tech Know Quilters EQ8 Membership Studio Training - Start from the Beginning Option

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Unleash the power of Electric Quilt the Easy Peasy way.

What is the Easy Peasy way? Training delivered in bite sized increments (think 5-10 minute videos plus written step by step instructions).   

The Start from the Beginning Option is targeted to students who would like a comprehensive education in EQ8.  If you are comfortable jumping in and wish to focus on the latest release from On Point Quilter, please purchase the Give Me the Latest Class Option  

What’s Included:

  • At least 13 separate video lessons or challenges on EQ8 per month e-mailed  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week 
  • Access to purchased videos will be available for at least 12 months after purchase (even if you decide to cancel).
  • Private invitation to two online help sessions per month.  These help sessions are your opportunity to share a project you are currently working on and ask questions and receive advice from Kari. 
  • Access to a Private Facebook group only for those enrolled in the Tech Know Quilters Member Studio program.  This will be a chance to ask questions and share photos of your work from the class.

Your Training Schedule:

  • Month 1:  ​Working with Fabric Collections Learn the tricks of using fabric from multiple sources including manufacturer's website, EQ downloads or even photos or scans of your own fabric collections.
  • Month 2:  Introduction to EasyDraw Learn to draft your own blocks in EasyDraw using a method similar to working with pencil and graph paper.   You will draft over 30 blocks in this class.
  • Month 2 Alternate Class:  EasyDraw Kaleidoscopes  For those that are comfortable with the basics of drafting in EasyDraw, you have the option of selecting this alternate class to Introduction to EasyDraw.  Learn to expand your skill set by drafting a series of Kaleidoscope-like blocks.

  • Month 3:  Mix and Match Medallions Centers

    Month 4:  Mix and Match Medallions Borders

      • Month 5:  Bargello Quilt
    • Month 6:  Introduction to PolyDraw
    • Month 7: Modern Quilts
    • Month 8: Introduction to Applique
    • Month 9:  Hexagon Blocks and Settings
    • Month 10:  Foundation Patterns
    • Month 11:  Optical Illusion Quilts
    • Month 12: T Shirt and Panel Quilts


    • Subsequent billings will be charged on the 22nd of the month. 
    • Training material after month one will be delivered starting on the first Monday/Wednesday/Friday of the month. 

    If you would prefer to purchase any of the Tech Know Quilters classes individually rather than enrolling in the subscription program, individual classes are available for $50 per class here.