Tech Know Quilters EQ8 Membership Studio Training - Give me the Latest Class Option
Tech Know Quilters EQ8 Membership Studio Training - Give me the Latest Class Option

Tech Know Quilters EQ8 Membership Studio Training - Give me the Latest Class Option

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Unleash the power of Electric Quilt the Easy Peasy way.

What is the Easy Peasy way? Training delivered in bite sized increments (think 5-10 minute videos plus written step by step instructions).   

The Give Me the Latest Class Option is for those that are comfortable jumping in and wish to focus on the latest release from On Point Quilter.   

I recommend that members select the Start from  the Beginning Option to receive the most comprehensive training on the program -- however I do recognize that there are those that are proficient in using EQ8 and wish to focus on specific topics of interest.  If you prefer to start with the Working with Fabric Images class, please purchase the Start from the Beginning Option.  

If you have questions on how to select the six month option, watch this quick video.  

What’s Included:

  • At least 13 separate lessons or challenges on EQ8 per month e-mailed  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.
  • Access to videos for purchased classes will be available for online viewing whenever you are ready to watch them (even if you decide to cancel).
  • Private invitation to two online help sessions per month.  These help sessions are your opportunity to share a project you are currently working on and ask questions and receive advice from Kari. 
  • Access to a Private Facebook group only for those enrolled in the Tech Know Quilters Member Studio program.  This will be a chance to ask questions and share photos of your work from the class.

Your Training Schedule

April 2019:  Landscapes

The tentative schedule for the remainder of the year is as follows:
May 2019:  Quilt Layouts
June 2019:  Advanced Border Design
July 2019:  Modern Quilts 2
August 2019:  Advanced EasyDraw
September 2019:  Quilts using Dies and Specialty Rulers
October 2019:  Adding Quilting and Embellishment
November 2019:  Sampler Quilts


      • You are signing up for a recurring payment subscription program.
      • Subsequent billings will be charged on the 22nd of the month. 
      • Training material will be delivered starting on the first Monday/Wednesday/Friday of the month.
      • You will receive a confirmation of your subsequent months class on the last day of the previous month.  If you wish to swap out a class, please let me know. 

      If you would prefer to purchase any of the Tech Know Quilters classes individually rather than enrolling in the subscription program, individual classes are available for $50 per class here.